Meet Dr. David Fetzer
Radiologist and Diagnostic Ultrasound Specialist in Dallas

UT Southwestern Medical Center radiologist Dr. David Fetzer specializes in abdominal imaging, using ultrasound and other imaging modalities to diagnose and evaluate patients with a wide range of conditions.

He also has special expertise in using ultrasound to evaluate certain conditions of the neck and thyroid gland, as well as in guiding procedures such as biopsies.

Patients often think that more expensive imaging technologies such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are better than ultrasound, but Dr. Fetzer says that’s not always the case. He is an expert at using the right technology for each patient to help make an accurate diagnosis.

“I also have a lot of experience with CT and MRI imaging – primarily in diseases of the upper abdomen, such as those of the liver and kidneys,” he says, “but I try to use ultrasound whenever possible because it is safer and faster, and is often a less expensive option compared to some other types of radiologic exams.”

A Unique Perspective

Fellowship trained and board certified, Dr. Fetzer has a background in imaging science, which gives him a unique perspective on medical imaging.

“In addition to using radiologic devices in clinical practice, I am constantly thinking about how to improve those imaging systems to make medical imaging safer, higher quality, and more cost-effective,” he says.

“I see myself as a bridge between radiology, clinical medicine, and research in terms of bringing new research ideas and tools from the lab to the clinic in order to offer patients the most cutting-edge techniques and devices.” 

Dr. Fetzer also spends a lot of his time training and working alongside the ultrasound technologists who perform most of the ultrasound exams. Ultrasound is a much more dynamic, interactive exam than CT or MRI, and the radiologist relies heavily on attentive, well-training technologists.

“I have the pleasure of working with very high-quality technologists at UT Southwestern. Their dedication to patient care makes my job that much easier,” he says.

In addition, Dr. Fetzer has a biopsy clinic, in which he performs ultrasound-guided biopsies of the thyroid gland and other soft tissues of the neck.

UT Southwestern’s Comprehensive Approach

He enjoys partnering with his radiology colleagues and specialists from disciplines that include nephrology, hepatology, oncology, endocrinology, and surgery to deliver patient-focused care, often through a disease-specific team.

“Modern medicine is so complex that it takes a team approach – a team that keeps the patient involved and at the center of care,” he says. “Radiology is often a critical component of that team, and I am happy to be a part of that for many patients.”

The overarching goal of these multispecialty disease oriented teams at UT Southwestern is to provide actionable information that enhances patient care.

“Medical imaging has such an impact on modern health care,” Dr. Fetzer says. “We strive to provide as much information as possible to help complete the picture for the clinicians and surgeons who are trying to best take care of their patients.”