Medical School
Duke University School of Medicine (2010)
St. Louis Children's Hospital (2013), Pediatrics
Vanderbilt University Medical Center (2014), Pediatric Infectious Diseases
UT Southwestern/Children's Medical Center (2016), Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Specialty Areas

Clinical Interest

  • Pediatric Infectious Disease
  • Publications

    Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

    C. elegans germline-deficient mutants respond to pathogen infection using shared and distinct mechanisms.
    TeKippe M, Aballay A PLoS ONE 2010 5 7 e11777
    GATA transcription factor required for immunity to bacterial and fungal pathogens.
    Kerry S, TeKippe M, Gaddis NC, Aballay A PLoS ONE 2006 1 e77
    Expansion of hematopoietic stem cell phenotype and activity in Trp53-null mice.
    TeKippe M, Harrison DE, Chen J Exp. Hematol. 2003 Jun 31 6 521-7

    Honors & Awards

    • Fellow Research Scholar Award
      ChildrenÂ’s Medical Center Clinical Research Advisory Committee (2015)
    • Fellow Teaching Award
      Vanderbilt ChildrenÂ’s Hospital (2014)