Meet Dr. Shelley Ramos
Ob/Gyn in Las Colinas

Shelley Ramos, M.D., one of three obstetrician/gynecologists practicing at the UT Southwestern Medical Center at Las Colinas, cares for female patients of all ages.

“I make a point of listening closely to what my patients are saying, I address their concerns, and I make sure I’m not missing anything that they might want to talk about,” Dr. Ramos says.

In addition to caring for pregnant women, Dr. Ramos is a skilled minimally invasive surgeon trained in laparoscopic and robotic techniques, mainly focusing on hysterectomies and myomectomies.

Dr. Ramos became an Ob/Gyn partly because of the relationship she is able to build with her patients over time and through many life changes. As a physician, a mother of three, and the daughter of an aging parent, she has great perspective on what it takes to be a healthy woman.

Along with her partners in the Las Colinas office, Jennifer Staud, M.D., and Steven Hoffman, M.D., Dr. Ramos takes pride in her history of good outcomes for patients and reputation for being attentive and responsive.

“Being part of our practice is like being part of a small town,” she says. “We get to know our patients and enjoy seeing them when they visit.”