Meet Dr. Matthew Carlson
Gynecologic Cancer Specialist in Dallas

Gynecologic cancer specialist Matthew Carlson, M.D., focuses on cancers of the female reproductive tract, including vulvar, vaginal, cervical, ovarian, and uterine/endometrial cancers. He is a skilled minimally invasive and robotic surgeon with expertise in the most advanced chemotherapies and targeted drugs.

Gynecologic oncologists are unique among oncologists. They are surgeons as well as medical doctors, meaning they handle all aspects of a woman’s gynecologic cancer needs – from diagnosis to drug therapies and surgical treatment.

Dr. Carlson says his range of skills allows him to treat the “whole patient” in every situation, not just the disease. He takes into account all aspects of his patients’ health and lives when he recommends a care plan, from their weight or family situation to where they live in relation to the medical center.

“Every factor can make a difference in the healing process,” he says. “It’s not just what happens when they’re in my office or in the operating room.”

Dr. Carlson’s holistic approach extends to how he and his gynecologic cancer colleagues at UT Southwestern Medical Center interact. They meet formally every week to discuss patient cases, and they constantly share ideas and treatment strategies, challenging each other to see things from every perspective.

“Our group of doctors is special because we have a variety of experience and a variety of training backgrounds, so we all bring unique insight that we’re able to translate into the best care for our patients,” he says.

In his research, Dr. Carlson focuses on the quality and cost effectiveness of care, as well as the genetic factors that play a role in gynecologic cancers.