Meet Dr. Deborah Diercks

Holder of the:
Audre and Bernard Rapoport Distinguished Chair in Clinical Care and Research

Deborah Diercks, M.D., is the first Chair of the newly created Department of Emergency Medicine at UT Southwestern. A nationally renowned leader in emergency medicine, she is well known for her expertise in concussions and traumatic brain injury and for her research in cardiovascular emergencies.

Dr. Diercks was drawn to the field of emergency medicine because of the range of expertise it requires and for the opportunity it affords to make a quick personal connection with patients. 

“Patients who come to the emergency room are often at their most vulnerable or sickest point, and they’ve usually never met the doctors caring for them,” she says. 

“It’s our job to approach everyone with empathy and respect while relieving their pain and suffering. In a very short amount of time, we have to let them know we are going to provide the best care we can.”

In her research, Dr. Diercks focuses on early management of acute coronary syndromes, the influence of gender on symptom characteristics, and utilization of cardiac biomarkers.

As the new Chair of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Diercks hit the ground running with the opening of William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. Combined with her other responsibilities at UT Southwestern, she leads one of the largest emergency medicine programs in the country. 

“I’m excited to be able to lead a dynamic, experienced group of emergency medicine physicians who now have the opportunity to spread their wings,” she says. “As a brand new department, we can define our mission and vision and work toward our goals.”

Dr. Diercks’ long-term plans for the department include focusing on the areas of clinical care, research, and community service.