Meet Dr. Bekir Tanriover
Kidney Transplant Specialist

Kidney transplantation has come a long way over the last few decades, but one thing remains the same – it takes a knowledgeable and experienced expert like Bekir Tanriover, M.D., M.P.H., to manage the complicated situations patients face before, during, and after their kidney transplant

A transplant nephrologist, Dr. Tanriover evaluates advanced or end-stage kidney disease patients to determine if they are ready for transplant, based on well-defined protocols and other health factors that could affect their outcome. He presents patient cases to a selection committee that then determines if a patient should be added to the kidney transplant list. 

In addition, Dr. Tanriover manages long-term immunosuppression medications of kidney transplant patients and other medical needs after transplant in coordination with their referring nephrologist. 

He does all of this with heartfelt compassion and commitment to what’s best for each patient. 

“Each situation is complicated and unique, but we’re talking about a person’s life, and we want to do everything we can to help them,” he says. 

Dr. Tanriover sees patients at UT Southwestern’s main campus in Dallas, but also travels to Lubbock, Texas, to evaluate patients for kidney transplant through a joint program between UT Southwestern and UMC Health System. He performs pre-transplant assessment, waitlist management, and post-transplant care there. Transplant surgeries occur at UT Southwestern in Dallas. 

Dr. Tanriover is proud to be part of a team of physicians at UT Southwestern that is responsible for innovations that have become nationally accepted practice.

“We are always on the cutting edge,” Dr. Tanriover says. “We monitor details that are above and beyond the standard of care to make sure a transplanted kidney has every chance to succeed.”