Meet Dr. Maude Carmel
Female Urology Specialist

Life can be very limited and isolated for people with moderate to severe urinary and bladder-related problems such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, neurogenic bladder, fistulas, and complications of transvaginal mesh.

I deliver therapies that make a difference in patients’ lives.”

Patients who suffer from conditions like these will be glad to know that urologist Maude Carmel, M.D., offers the most advanced therapies, technologies, and techniques to successfully treat them.

A specialist in female urology and pelvic reconstructive surgery, Dr. Carmel is a member of the Female Urology team in UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Department of Urology.

“There are so many treatment options today for these conditions and many of them are relatively simple surgeries,” Dr. Carmel says. “It’s encouraging for our patients and rewarding for us to be able to give these patients their lives back.”

She performs all types of related surgeries – vaginal, robotically assisted, and abdominal.

Fellowship-trained in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Carmel is also able to treat complex cases such as patients with recurrent problems, failed previous repairs, and complications from previous treatments, including those from transvaginal mesh.

Because each person’s issues, anatomy, and treatment goals are unique, Dr. Carmel says she strives to educate patients about their options and lets them decide which option fits them best.

“I really try to personalize patient care, to talk with each patient and explain the different approaches, and to discuss the best options for them, their problem, and their lifestyle,” Dr. Carmel says. “At the end of the day, I want to provide the treatments that patients feel are best for them.”