Reto Fiolka is currently an instructor at UT Southwestern in the department of Cell Biology. Before, he conducted post-doctoral research in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Janelia Farm Research Campus under the late Dr. Mats Gustafsson (2009-2012) working on 3D structured illumination microscopy and under Dr. Meng Cui (2012-2013) working on adaptive optics.

Trained as a mechanical engineer in computational fluid dynamics, he did his PhD thesis at the institute of Nanotechnology at ETH Zurich in optical microscopy and has specialized since then on super resolution microscopy, adaptive optics and light sheet microscopy. At UT Southwestern he has conceived and built two light sheet microscopes that are optimized to image cells in 3D micro-environments over large volumes with isotropic spatial resolution in the range of 300nm. One microscope is optimized to rapidly image complex samples (tumor spheroids, decellularized tissue) using two photon excitation, the other one is designed to simultaneously image multiple color channels with high sensitivity using one photon excitation. Both microscopes are now being routinely used at UT Southwestern.

Research Interest

  • adaptive optics
  • fluorescence microscopy
  • light sheet microscopy
  • super resolution microscopy
  • ultrafast lasers and optics


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

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Seeing more with structured illumination microscopy. In Quantitative Imaging in Cell Biology

Reto Fiolka (2014). Amsterdam, Elsevier