Theodore W. Laetsch, MD is a faculty member in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He also leads the Experimental Therapeutics Program (ETP) in the Gill Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Health in Dallas, TX. Dr. Laetsch received a BS in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from the University of Arizona and then a MD from the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Laetsch completed his residency at the University of Colorado/Children’s Hospital Colorado, where he also served as chief resident. He completed his fellowship training and an instructorship at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where he conducted translational laboratory research focused on mechanisms to restore apoptotic signaling in neuroblastoma in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Hogarty. In 2013, he joined the faculty at UT Southwestern. Dr. Laetsch conducts both clinical and laboratory-based research testing potential novel therapeutics in high-risk pediatric solid tumors with a goal of “bridging the gap” between laboratory research and early phase clinical trials. In the laboratory, he has focused on signaling pathway inhibitors and novel drug delivery mechanisms in sarcomas, and the use of beta-lapachone in ATRTs. As the leader of the ETP program, Dr. Laetsch serves as the PI of several phase 1 and phase 2 studies of new agents for children with relapsed or refractory cancer and serves as the institutional TACL PI. Dr. Laetsch has a strong interest in the use of tumor molecular profiling to guide therapy. In addition to these research activities, Dr. Laetsch continues to see children with cancer in the clinic at Children’s Medical Center.


Medical School
University of California, San Francisco (2005)
University of Colorado - Children's Hospital Colorado - Pediatric Internship/Residency (2009), Pediatrics
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Pediatric Hema/Onco Fellowship (2012), Pediatric Hematology/oncology

Specialty Areas

Clinical Interest

  • Childhood Cancer
  • Novel Therapeutics for Pediatric Cancer
  • Research Interest

    • Novel Therapeutics for Childhood Cancer
    • Tumor Genomic Profiling


    Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

    Target and Agent Prioritization for the Children's Oncology Group-National Cancer Institute Pediatric MATCH Trial.
    Allen CE, Laetsch TW, Mody R, Irwin MS, Lim MS, Adamson PC, Seibel NL, Parsons DW, Cho YJ, Janeway K J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 2017 May 109 5
    Targeting NTRK fusions for the treatment of congenital mesoblastic nephroma.
    Laetsch TW, Nagasubramanian R, Casanova M Pediatr Blood Cancer 2017 Apr
    Pediatric oncology enters an era of precision medicine.
    Seibel NL, Janeway K, Allen CE, Chi SN, Cho YJ, Glade Bender JL, Kim A, Laetsch TW, Irwin MS, Takebe N, Tricoli JV, Parsons DW Curr Probl Cancer 2017 Feb
    A case of advanced infantile myofibromatosis harboring a novel MYH10-RET fusion.
    Rosenzweig M, Ali SM, Wong V, Schrock AB, Laetsch TW, Heilmann A, Morley S, Chudnovsky Y, Erlich RL, Wang K, Stephens PJ, Ross JS, Miller VA, Oesterheld J Pediatr Blood Cancer 2016 Dec
    Drift correction for accurate PRF-shift MR thermometry during mild hyperthermia treatments with MR-HIFU.
    Bing C, Staruch RM, Tillander M, Köhler MO, Mougenot C, Ylihautala M, Laetsch TW, Chopra R Int J Hyperthermia 2016 May 1-15
    Pediatric Sarcomas Are Targetable by MR-Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (MR-HIFU): Anatomical Distribution and Radiological Characteristics.
    Shim J, Staruch RM, Koral K, Xie XJ, Chopra R, Laetsch TW Pediatr Blood Cancer 2016 May
    Polyamine antagonist therapies inhibit neuroblastoma initiation and progression.
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    Potential pitfalls of mass spectrometry to uncover mutations in childhood soft tissue sarcoma: A report from the Children's Oncology Group.
    Xu L, Wilson RA, Laetsch TW, Oliver D, Spunt SL, Hawkins DS, Skapek SX Sci Rep 2016 6 33429
    Temperature-dependent MR signals in cortical bone: Potential for monitoring temperature changes during high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment in bone.
    Ramsay E, Mougenot C, Kazem M, Laetsch TW, Chopra R Magn Reson Med 2014 Oct
    Multiple components of the spliceosome regulate Mcl1 activity in neuroblastoma.
    Laetsch TW, Liu X, Vu A, Sliozberg M, Vido M, Elci OU, Goldsmith KC, Hogarty MD Cell Death Dis 2014 5 e1072

    Honors & Awards

    • NICHD Child Health Research Career Development Award (K12)
    • Joseph W. St. Geme, Jr., M.D. Award for Outstanding Research as a Resident
    • Gold Headed Cane Society Member
    • Alpha Omega Alpha Member

    Professional Associations/Affiliations

    • American Association of Cancer Research (2010)
    • American Society of Clinical Oncology (2010)
    • American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (2009)
    • Children's Oncology Group (2009)