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Dr Mason is Director of the Cancer Imaging Program at UT Southwestern with over 20 years experience in cancer imaging, therapy, and tumor pathophysiology. He is Professor of radiology and member of the SimmonsComprehensiveCancerCenter. He serves on four graduate programs including Radiological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Cancer Biology. Dr. Mason and his research team have been supported for many years by NCI, DOD breast and prostate cancer initiatives and various foundations including The American Cancer Society, The Whitaker Foundation, and The Mary Kay Ash Foundation. Dr Mason’s primary research interest is prognostic radiology- developing and implementing methods for predicting optimal cancer therapy and assessing early response to treatment. Current investigations focus on oxygen sensitive MRI in human breast, prostate, cervical, lung, and prostate cancer. He is a recognized expert in the development of novel 19F NMR reporter strategies. Recent pre-clinical innovations include dynamic bioluminescent imaging related to vascular disputing agents and in vivo chemiluminescent imaging. Ongoing projects focus on novel gene reporter molecules, novel vascular disrupting agents and novel drug efficacy and assessment of pathophysiology of tumor response to therapy.




Undergraduate Cambridge University - England (1983), Chemistry
Graduate School Cambridge University - England (1986)

Research Interest

  • Application of imaging methods to tumor development and response to therapy; development of NMR reporter molecules as probes of physiology and gene transfection; detoxification of xenobiotica; MR miscroscopy and tissue microstructure.
  • Bioluminescent imaging
  • gene therapy
  • NMR- MRI
  • Oxygen


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GdDO3NI, a nitroimidazole-based T 1 MRI contrast agent for imaging tumor hypoxia in vivo.
Gulaka PK, Rojas-Quijano F, Kovacs Z, Mason RP, Sherry AD, Kodibagkar VD J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 2013 Nov
Synthesis of a 2-aryl-3-aroyl indole salt (OXi8007) resembling combretastatin A-4 with application as a vascular disrupting agent.
Hadimani MB, Macdonough MT, Ghatak A, Strecker TE, Lopez R, Sriram M, Nguyen BL, Hall JJ, Kessler RJ, Shirali AR, Liu L, Garner CM, Pettit GR, Hamel E, Chaplin DJ, Mason RP, Trawick ML, Pinney KG J. Nat. Prod. 2013 Sep 76 9 1668-78


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Honors & Awards

  • Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry
    FRSC (2012)
  • CSci
    chartered scientist designation of the Science Council (2004)
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson Award
    American Heart Association (Texas Affiliate) (1993)
  • Young Investigator Award at 5th International Society of Blood Substitutes Meeting
    Presentation: “Tumor oxygen tension: Measurement using OxygentTM as a 19F NMR probe at 4.7 T (1993)
  • CChem
    Chartered Chemist of the Royal Society of Chemistry (1987)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (2011)
  • Imaging in Medicine (2009)
  • Letters in Drug Design & Discovery (2005)
  • American Association for Cancer Research (1993)
  • International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (1990)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (1987)