Sebastian Winter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Endowed Title: W.W. Caruth, Jr. Scholar in Biomedical Research

Department: Microbiology

Graduate Programs: Molecular Microbiology


Graduate School (2013), Biology

Research Interests

  • Bacterial Pathogenesis
  • Dysbiosis of the Gut Microbiota
  • Host-Pathogen-Microbiota Interaction


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Featured Publications

Salmonella uses energy taxis to benefit from intestinal inflammation.

Rivera-Chávez F, Winter SE, Lopez CA, Xavier MN, Winter MG, Nuccio SP, Russell JM, Laughlin RC, Lawhon SD, Sterzenbach T, Bevins CL, Tsolis RM, Harshey R, Adams LG, Bäumler AJ PLoS Pathog. 2013 Apr 9 4 e1003267

Manipulation of small Rho GTPases is a pathogen-induced process detected by NOD1.

Keestra AM, Winter MG, Auburger JJ, Frässle SP, Xavier MN, Winter SE, Kim A, Poon V, Ravesloot MM, Waldenmaier JF, Tsolis RM, Eigenheer RA, Bäumler AJ Nature 2013 Apr 496 7444 233-7

The dynamics of gut-associated microbial communities during inflammation.

Winter SE, Lopez CA, Bäumler AJ EMBO Rep. 2013 Mar

Host-derived nitrate boosts growth of E. coli in the inflamed gut.

Winter SE, Winter MG, Xavier MN, Thiennimitr P, Poon V, Keestra AM, Laughlin RC, Gomez G, Wu J, Lawhon SD, Popova IE, Parikh SJ, Adams LG, Tsolis RM, Stewart VJ, Bäumler AJ Science 2013 Feb 339 6120 708-11

Streptomycin-induced inflammation enhances Escherichia coli gut colonization through nitrate respiration.

Spees AM, Wangdi T, Lopez CA, Kingsbury DD, Xavier MN, Winter SE, Tsolis RM, Bäumler AJ MBio 2013 4 4

Very long O-antigen chains enhance fitness during Salmonella-induced colitis by increasing bile resistance.

Crawford RW, Keestra AM, Winter SE, Xavier MN, Tsolis RM, Tolstikov V, Bäumler AJ PLoS Pathog. 2012 Sep 8 9 e1002918

Human a-defensin 6 promotes mucosal innate immunity through self-assembled peptide nanonets.

Chu H, Pazgier M, Jung G, Nuccio SP, Castillo PA, de Jong MF, Winter MG, Winter SE, Wehkamp J, Shen B, Salzman NH, Underwood MA, Tsolis RM, Young GM, Lu W, Lehrer RI, Bäumler AJ, Bevins CL Science 2012 Jul 337 6093 477-81

Typhoid fever: "you can't hit what you can't see".

Wangdi T, Winter SE, Bäumler AJ Gut Microbes 2012 Mar-Apr 3 2 88-92

Salmonella, the host and its microbiota.

Thiennimitr P, Winter SE, Bäumler AJ Curr. Opin. Microbiol. 2012 Feb 15 1 108-14

Temporal expression of bacterial proteins instructs host CD4 T cell expansion and Th17 development.

Lee SJ, McLachlan JB, Kurtz JR, Fan D, Winter SE, Baumler AJ, Jenkins MK, McSorley SJ PLoS Pathog. 2012 Jan 8 1 e1002499

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  • Becton Dickinson Research Award
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology) (2011)