1986-87 - Staff Physician, Himalayan Rescue Association, Pheriche, Nepal 1990-96 - Assistant Professor of Medicine; 1997-02- Associate Professor of Medicine; 2002-Present- Professor of Medicine, Cardiology, UTSWMC 1992-Present - Director, Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas and UTSWMC 1993-98 - Unit Director, Cardiovascular, NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training (Director C. Gunnar Blomqvist, M.D., PH.D. 1996- Present - Human Research Facility (Space Station) Scientific Working Group 1998-01- National Space Biomedical Research Institute Board of Scientific Counselors 2001-2004 - Center for Scientific Review - NIH/NHLBI Clinical Cardiovascular Sciences Special Emphasis Panel; 2004-Present, Clinical Integrative Cardiovascular Sciences (CICS) Study Section 2003 - 2006 American Heart Association - Physical Activity Committee, Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism 2005 - Board of Directors of the American Autonomic Society 2006 - Board of Trustees of the American College of Sports Medicine 2007 - Cardiovascular Team Leader, National Space Biomedical Research Institute 2010 - S. Finley Ewing Jr. Chair for Wellness at Texas Health Presbyterian, Dallas 2010 - Harry S. Moss Heart Chair for Cardiovascular Research 2010 - Professor of Medicine and Cardiology, Distinguished Professor ship in Exercise Science


Medical School
Harvard Medical School (1982)
Stanford University (1983), Internal Medicine
Stanford University (1985), Internal Medicine
Shinshu University School of Medicine (1986), Environmental Physiology
UT Southwestern Medical Center (1989), Cardiology

Clinical Interest

General Cardiology

  • Autonomic Disorders
  • High Altitude Heart Related Disorders
  • Orthostatic Hypotension
  • Syncope (Fainting)

Sports Cardiology

  • Heart Disease in Athletes
  • Orthostatic Intolerance
  • Wilderness Medicine

Research Interest

  • Cardiovascular adaption to exercise training/exercise physiology
  • Circulatory control including autonomic function mechanism of orthostatic hypotension
  • Deconditioning (bedrest & spaceflight)
  • High Altitude Physiology
  • Regulation of the cerebral circulation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

The effects of aging and physical activity on Doppler measures of diastolic function
Prasad A, Popovic ZP, Arbab-Zadeh A, Fu Q, Palmer DM, Dijk E, Garcia MJ, Thomas JD, Levine BD American Journal of Cardiology 2007 99 1629-36
Autonomic ganglionic blockade does not prevent reduction in cerebral blood flow velocity during orthostasis in humans
Zhang R, Levine BD Stroke 2007 38 (4) 1238-44,
Coronary Artery Calcium Score, Risk Factors and Incident CHD Events
Church T, Levine BD, McGuire D, LaMonte MJ, FitzGerald SJ, Cheng YJ, Kimball TE, Blair SN, Gibbons LW, Nichaman MZ Atherosclerosis 2007 190(1) 224-31
Human cerebral autoregulation before, during, and after spaceflight
Iwasaki K, Levine BD, Zhang R, Zuckerman JH, Pawelczyk JA, Diedrich A, Ertl AC, Cox JF, Giller CA, Ray CA, Lane LD, Buckey JC, Baisch F, Eckberg DL, Robertson D, Biaggioni I, Blomqvist G Journal of Physiology 2007 579(3) 799-810
A cascade model of ventricular-arterial coupling and arterial-cardiac baroreflex function for cardiovascular variability in humans
Shibata S, Zhang R, Hastings J, Fu Q, Okazaki K, Iwasaki K, Levine BD Am J Physiol: Heart and Circulatory Physiology 2006 291(5) H2142-51

Honors & Awards

  • Citation Award: American College of Sports Medicine
    For substantial and distinguished contribution to exercise science research (2007)
  • Michael J. Joyner Teaching Award, Royal Danish Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences
    For outstanding teaching in cardiovascular physiology to international trainees (2006)
  • Peter van Handel Memorial Award
    U.S. Olympic Committee award for contribution to sports science (1996)
  • Fulbright Scholar
    International scientific exchange to August Krogh Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark (1989)
  • Henry Luce Foundation Scholar
    National award to individual showing outstanding promise for leadership in respective field (1985)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Association of American Physicians (2014)
  • American Autonomic Society
  • American College of Cardiology
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • American Heart Association
  • American Physiological Society