Meet Dr. Nicholas Haddock
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Nicholas Haddock, M.D., is an Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center with appointments in the Department of Plastic Surgery and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. He is trained in all aspects of plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive. His areas of expertise include aesthetic breast and body procedures, surgical and nonsurgical facial aesthetic treatments, and hand surgery, as well as breast and extremity reconstruction.

As a plastic surgeon, I’m able to help a wide variety of people, whether someone is interested in looking more youthful or needs reconstructive procedures. It is the perfect blend of science, creativity, and problem solving.”  

For breast reconstruction, Dr. Haddock can offer the full spectrum of options to the patient. He has special expertise in the profunda artery perforator (PAP) flap procedure, which involves using tissue from the patient’s own thigh to reconstruct the breast. Women with breast cancer who have had previous abdominal surgery or do not have enough abdominal tissue are prime candidates for this type of surgery. In addition to the PAP flap, Dr. Haddock can offer all other aspects of breast reconstruction including the DIEP flap and implant-based reconstruction.

Additionally, Dr. Haddock cares for patients who suffer from hand disorders ranging from trigger finger or carpal tunnel syndrome to complex orthopaedic hand problems or extremity reconstruction. He is also part of UT Southwestern’s Hand Transplant team. One of his primary areas of research compares outcomes of hand surgery procedures to determine which options achieve the highest level of function for the patient. 

“My commitment is to high patient satisfaction. I strive to provide alternatives that truly benefit my patients,” Dr. Haddock says. “My job is to do whatever it takes to ensure my patients have a positive experience and are receiving great care for their long-term health.”

Dr. Nicholas Haddock's Approach to Patient Care