Meet Dr. Martin Hechanova Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist in Dallas

Obstetrics and gynecology specialist Martin Hechanova, M.D., provides comprehensive, personalized care for his patients – from helping them with any pregnancy challenges or complications to performing minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries when they’re needed.

“I became an Ob/Gyn because of the variety of skills needed and because of the connection I’m able to forge with patients to make them feel at ease,” Dr. Hechanova says. “When you’re discussing sensitive topics about women’s health, it’s important for patients to feel comfortable with you.”

Expert in minimally invasive surgery

Dr. Hechanova has a special expertise in minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries, including hysterectomies and uterine ablations, as well as other ovarian and fallopian tube procedures. He uses laparoscopic and robot-assisted techniques, which means his patients have faster recovery times and less scarring than with traditional methods.

“This is the new wave of surgery, and it’s not only something I’m skilled in but also an area I’m very passionate about,” he says.

When it comes to delivering babies, Dr. Hechanova handles the full range: low and high-risk pregnancies, cesarean sections, and vaginal deliveries, including operative vaginal deliveries – or forcep-assisted deliveries – a technique sometimes needed during vaginal childbirth, though not all obstetricians are skilled in it.

“Having trained at Parkland, one of the best training programs in the country, I am prepared for any pregnancy challenge or delivery complication,” he says.

In addition, he’s fluent in English, Spanish, and Tagalog (a language of the Philippines) and is a certified medical translator.

“Being able to communicate in a patient’s native language can help make her feel more at ease,” he says, and that’s his priority as a physician.