Meet Dr. DaiWai Olson
Neurocritical Care Specialist in Dallas

As a neurocritical care nurse with three decades of experience, UT Southwestern Medical Center’s DaiWai Olson, Ph.D., RN, delivers highly specialized, minute-by-minute care to patients with life-threatening neurological conditions.

Working closely with neurologists and neurosurgeons, Dr. Olson and his colleagues in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (Neuro ICU) continually monitor and provide the most advanced care to a wide variety of critically ill patients – from people who have suffered strokes or undergone neurosurgery to those with brain and spinal cord tumors or life-threatening flare-ups of neuromuscular disorders.

Translating Research to Care

Dr. Olson is unique in that he is one of very few Ph.D.-prepared neurocritical nurses who conducts clinical research and works as a bedside staff nurse. As the Director of UT Southwestern’s Neuroscience Nursing Research Center, he is involved in a number of studies that are helping to inform and advance patient care. 

“I’ve been fortunate to have been able to make a difference to individual patients through the care I’ve provided, as well as to large groups of patients by being part of evidence-based practice changes,” Dr. Olson says.

“I’m thrilled – particularly as a nurse – that some of my published research has helped move the needle in terms of how we care for patients.”

By contributing to the body of neurocritical care knowledge, clinician-scientists like Dr. Olson are helping to improve patient outcomes.

“People who 30 years ago would have died from their conditions are now surviving and, in many cases, thriving,” he says. “In just the past five to 10 years, neurocritical care has become a place of endless possibility, and it’s been exciting to witness and be a part of that change.”