Meet Dr. Jason Petrasic Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist in Dallas

“Physical medicine and rehabilitation is mostly focused on reducing pain and increasing function,” says physician Jason Petrasic, M.D.

As a physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) generalist, Dr. Petrasic is trained to evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate a broad spectrum of injuries and conditions. Personalized, holistic care is key to his approach.

“What I do for one patient I may not do for another,” he says. “I lay out all of the therapeutic and rehabilitation options for each patient, but the direction we take ultimately depends on the individual and certain factors, including their resources and treatment goals.”

He provides neurological rehabilitation for issues such as stroke, concussion, and movement disorders; cardiac rehabilitation for cardiovascular disease; rheumatologic disorders; the neuropathy, conditioning, and balance issues that can accompany diabetes; and balance issues/fall prevention in seniors.

Dr. Petrasic’s area of special expertise is musculoskeletal medicine, which includes the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, neuromuscular conditions, amputation care, and prosthesis/orthotic management.

He offers a range of nonsurgical treatments and studies, as well, including trigger-point injections, joint injections, bursal injections, and electrodiagnostic studies such as electromyography (EMG) and nerve-conduction studies.

Evidence-Based Approached

Dr. Petrasic brings an evidence-based approach to care and a focus on patient education.

“I keep a close eye on the literature and that affects what I ultimately choose to offer my patients,” he says. “If I offer something, I have to be able to explain it to so the patient has the knowledge to make the best decision.”

Raised in the Dallas area, Dr. Petrasic is an active volunteer in the local amateur and adaptive-sports communities. As a team doctor at a high school in the city where he grew up, he delivers care on the sidelines and in the training room.

“The rehabilitation of one of my own minor sports injuries is what got me interested in medicine and in PM&R,” says Dr. Petrasic, a lifelong athlete. “That experience gave me a new perspective on the different roads I could take, and given my interests and the fact that I’ve always been an athlete, it’s a perfect fit for me.”