Meet Dr. Mohita Patel
Family Medicine Specialist in Dallas

Family medicine physician Mohita Patel, M.D., believes it’s important to take the long view on health. Her goal: keeping patients healthy for a lifetime.

“I went to a family doctor myself growing up, and she had a big influence on me,” Dr. Patel says. “I enjoy developing a rapport with my patients, seeing people grow up and expand their families.”

Dr. Patel is convinced that developing such long-term relationships with her patients can have a direct and profound impact on their lifelong health.

For all her patients, Dr. Patel makes preventive care a priority. The leading causes of death and diminished quality of life are chronic diseases, and there are simple things people can do to change their diet and other habits that can prevent these diseases from developing, she notes. For that reason, lifestyle counseling is a main focus of her work.

“It’s not about me telling the patient what to do. It’s a conversation between us. It’s about the planning and goals we set together and helping people see how improving their health helps them live a happier life,” she says.

Seeing her patients reach their health goals is what inspires Dr. Patel.

“I enjoy the sense of accomplishment my patients have when they see how achieving just one simple goal can change their health for the better. There’s a brightness in their eyes when they recognize, ‘Oh, it actually worked!’ and that’s really gratifying,” she says.

Dr. Patel also focused on women’s health throughout her training, and she especially enjoys offering wellness exams to her female patients and counseling them about women’s health issues, from family planning to chronic disease.

“I like offering women that option: one practitioner who can provide all the services they need, even gynecological services.”