University of Washington, Seattle B.S. 1966 Microbiology
University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. 1971 Microbiology

1971-1974 Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena(James Bonner, Mentor)
1974-1978 Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor of Biochemistry, The University of Texas
1984 UT Southwestern
1996- present Professor of Molecular Biology, UT Southwestern Medical Center

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The American Society for Cell Biology
Sigma Xi

Chromosome Structure
Control of Gene Expression
Molecular Immunology
DNA Methylation
Developmental Molecular Biology
Chromosome Replication
Chromosome Condensation and Segregation at Mitosis
Organization of DNA Sequences
Recombinant DNA and Immunological Techniques
Yeast Molecular Genetics
Functional Genomics

Symposium organizer, American Association for Cancer Research (1992)
Chairman, Gordon Conference on "Nuclear Proteins, Chromatin Structure, and Gene Regulation" (1988)
GSA International Travel Award (1988)
ASBC International Travel Award (1985)
Basil O’Connor Fellow of the National Foundation - March of Dimes, 9/75 to 8/77
ASBC International Travel Award (1976)
NSF International Travel Award (1975)
Roche Research International Travel Fellowship (1974)
Fellow of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, 1/72 to 1/74
USPHS predoctoral fellow, 8/68 to 7/71
NSF undergraduate fellow, summer 1965, 1966

Molecular and Cellular Biology 1/95-12/06
Nucleic Acids Research, 1/86 to 12/91

Structure-Function Relationships in Chromatin. Methods: A Companion to Methods in Enzymology. Vol. 17, 1999.

NIH Small Business Innovation Research Program (Panel Member, 2001-present)
US Army Ovarian Cancer Program (Panel Member and Vice-Chair, 2000)
External Review Committee of the Life Sciences Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory (Chairman, 1995-2000)
NIH National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute RFA/PGA Panel Member (2000, 2001)
US Army Breast Cancer Program (Panel Member 1995, 1997, 1998)
Product Development Consultant, Genta Incorporated, San Diego, CA (1995)
Product Development Consultant, Pfizer, Croton, CT (1992)
External Advisory Committee of the Life Sciences Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory (Chairman, 1989-1994)
ACS/Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis Panel (1988-1992; Chairman, 1991-1992)
NSF/Cell Biology Program Panel (Member, 1984-1987)
NIH/Biomedical Science Fellowship Study Section (Member, 1981- 1983)
M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute - Rosalie B. Hite Fellowship Committee (Member, 1981-1983)
Product Development Consultant, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Richmond, California (1980-1992)
NIH Molecular Cytology Study Section (Ad Hoc reviewer and site visitor)
NSF/Molecular Genetics Panel (Ad Hoc member)
NIH/Genetics Study Section (site visitor)
NIH/Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Study Section (site visitor)
NIH/NHLBI (site visitor)
NIH/NIEHS (site visitor)
NIH/NCI Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology (internal review site visitor)
NIH/NIDDKD (site visitor)
NIH/NCI (program project cluster reviewer)


Undergraduate University of Washington (1966)
Graduate School University of California-Irvine (1971)

Research Interest

  • Apoptosis
  • Chromosome Structure
  • Regulation of V-J joining
  • Transcriptional Regulation in Eukaryotes


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Roles of the Major Apoptotic Nuclease-DNA Fragmentation Factor-in Biology and Disease
Widlak, P. and Garrard, W.T. Cell. Mol. Life Sciences Winter 2009 66 263-274
The Downstream Transcriptional Enhancer, Ed, Positively Regulates Mouse Igk Gene Expression and Somatic Hypermutation
Xiang, Y., and Garrard, W. T. J. Immunol Spring 2008 180 6725-6732
Engineered Apoptotic Nucleases for Chromatin Research
Xiao, F., Widlak, P., and Garrard, W. T. Nucleic Acids Research Summer 2007 35 1-7
A Recombination Silencer that Specifies Heterochromatin Postioning and Ikaros Association in the Immunoglobulin kappa Locus
Liu, Z., Widlak, P., Zou, Y., Xiao, F., Oh, M., Li, S., Chang, M. Y., Shay, J. W., and Garrard, W. T. Immunity Spring 2006 24 405-415
Long Range Interactions between Three Transcriptional Enhancers, Active Vk Gene Promoters and a 3’ Boundary Sequence Spanning 46kb
Liu, Z., and Garrard, W. T. Molecular and Cellular Biology Winter 2005 25 3220-3231

Honors & Awards

  • American Society for Cancer Research
    Symposium organizer (1992)
  • Chairman of Gordon Conference
    In change of running an International meeting on chromatin (1988)
  • Basil OConner March of Dimes Award
    Grant to study birth defect mechanisms (1975)
  • Damon Runyon Fellow
    Post doctoral fellowship (1972)