Dr. Joseph Garcia received his MD,PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. He completed an Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology fellowship at UT Southwestern Medical Center, followed by a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Department of Biochemistry at UT Southwestern Medical Center. After his training, he joined the Internal Medicine/Cardiology faculty at UT Southwestern Medicai Center. His clinical duties are currently performed at the VA North Texas Health Care System in Dallas. Dr. Garcia's research interests are in the role of stress signaling in mammalian physiology with a particular focus on its relevance in human disease.


California Institute of Technology (1982), Biology
Medical School
University of California-Los Angeles (1993), Medicine
Graduate School
University of California-Los Angeles (1993), Microbiology

Research Interest

  • Enviromental stress signaling
  • HIF biology


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

The Oxygen-Rich Postnatal Environment Induces Cardiomyocyte Cell-Cycle Arrest through DNA Damage Response.
Puente BN, Kimura W, Muralidhar SA, Moon J, Amatruda JF, Phelps KL, Grinsfelder D, Rothermel BA, Chen R, Garcia JA, Santos CX, Thet S, Mori E, Kinter MT, Rindler PM, Zacchigna S, Mukherjee S, Chen DJ, Mahmoud AI, Giacca M, Rabinovitch PS, Aroumougame A, Shah AM, Szweda LI, Sadek HA Cell 2014 Apr 157 3 565-79