Meet Dr. Brian H. Williams Trauma Surgeon in Dallas

For trauma surgeon Brian H. Williams, M.D., no two days are the same, and that’s one of the reasons he loves what he does. He’s always making fast, critical decisions to save people’s lives.

“When patients come in after a car accident, maybe they’re unresponsive but their heart is beating really fast, and the concern is that they’re bleeding out internally,” he says. “I may not know exactly what’s causing the bleeding yet, but it’s my job, along with a great team, to get them into the OR quickly and figure it out; and to stop the bleeding. You can’t think about it too long, or there will be dire consequences.”

In addition to trauma and emergency surgery, Dr. Williams performs elective, general surgeries like gallbladder and hernia repairs. He’s also passionate about his clinical research. Two of his major projects include the ICU Liberation initiative, focused on improving care for patients and their families in the ICU, and an NIH study that’s addressing post-traumatic stress disorder in trauma survivors.

A Life-Changing Night

If you haven’t been to the emergency department at Parkland Hospital but you’ve heard Dr. Williams’ name, it might be because he found himself unexpectedly in the spotlight the night that 12 Dallas police officers and two civilians were shot following a peaceful protest by members of the Black Lives Matter movement. He was the lead surgeon on call when Parkland’s trauma team was called upon to care for several of those victims.

“I was a small player in a much larger story, but my life has changed both professionally and personally since that night,” Dr. Williams says. “If I’m feeling the way I’m feeling, I can’t imagine how the families of the officers must be feeling. I think about it every single day.”