Meet Dr. Jennifer Rabaglia
Expert, Quality-Focused Endocrine Surgeon in Dallas

As a fellowship-trained endocrine surgeon, Jennifer Rabaglia, M.D., offers her patients the latest treatments for thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal diseases and tumors, along with expertise in performing minimally invasive endocrine surgery that few in North Texas can match.

Dr. Rabaglia completed all of her eight years of surgical training at Harvard, in the prestigious training program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. This gave her experience with some of the most complex surgical problems referred from around the world. She has brought that experience and expertise here to Dallas.

Endocrine diseases can be challenging to diagnose and treat, which is why patients need a specially trained expert on the case, says Dr. Rabaglia. She and the other members of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Endocrine Surgery Team know how to accurately identify the root of endocrine problems and recommend the most effective treatments.

For example, if a patient has an adrenal gland tumor or malignancy, Dr. Rabaglia – who specializes in minimally invasive techniques for removing the adrenal gland (adrenalectomy) ­– might use the transabdominal laparoscopic technique or the retroperitoneal technique. Both techniques result in smaller scars, less pain, and shorter hospital stays than traditional approaches. 

Dr. Rabaglia chose endocrine surgery as her specialty in part because the intricate operations require precise technique that comes from advanced training but also because it’s a field in which she can make an immediate and lasting positive impact on her patients.

“Patients I see often arrive with serious health concerns, but after we intervene, they return to normal, healthy lives. The majority are even cured,” she says.

Her attentive, compassionate care helps patients feel at ease during one of their scariest moments of life. She spends time with her patients to get to know them, talk about their disease, and help them make good choices in terms of their own care or the care of those they love.

“I want patients to understand both their disease and the procedure we’re recommending, as well as my approach to care. They are putting a lot of trust in me, and they deserve the time it takes to make them feel informed, safe and comfortable,” she says. 

Beyond the operating room, Dr. Rabaglia is dedicated to improving care for all patients at UT Southwestern and beyond. As the Surgical Quality Officer, she works closely with UT Southwestern’s Chief Quality Officer to optimize delivery of surgical care, develop better methods for quality assurance, and improve the quality of surgical care delivery for the health system as a whole.

Dr. Rabaglia is completing a master’s program in clinical science, funded by the National Institutes of Health. She notes that the program is already making her a better doctor by enhancing her ability to understand surgical care delivery at a higher level and by giving her the tools necessary to make real change. 

“Not only am I looking at the patient on the singular level and striving to optimize his or her experience, but I am able to see the broader picture and strive to optimize care at a group or population level,” says Dr. Rabaglia.