Meet Dr. Adam Yopp
Oncologist and Liver Cancer Specialist

Adam Yopp, M.D., has high hopes of eradicating liver cancer and other gastrointestinal disorders as a surgical oncologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Simmons Cancer Center.

I believe in laying all the cards on the table with my patients and having a joint decision about what we should do. I let them know that I’m going to be there, whether it’s good news or bad news."

He is Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Surgical Oncology Division at UT Southwestern and one of four surgical oncologists on the nationally recognized gastrointestinal cancer team at Simmons. He specializes in cancer surgeries in the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, stomach, and bile duct.

Dr. Yopp has done extensive research on liver cancer, its causes, and treatment. He directs clinical trials for drugs that fight the disease, and he is working with his colleagues at Simmons Cancer Center to diagnose and treat patients much earlier in the process, giving them the best chance for long-term survival.

Dr. Yopp believes in an open approach with his patients when discussing their cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment options. He encourages lots of questions and says that patients are a crucial part of the decision-making team.

Personalized care is also one of Dr. Yopp’s passions, because no two patients are alike, he says. He believes in doing whatever it takes to get patients through the tough stuff, whether it’s surgery, chemotherapy, or other types of treatment.

Clinical Interests

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma (Liver cancer, Liver tumors)
  • Pancreatic cancer (Pancreatic tumors)
  • Bile duct tumors
  • Gall bladder cancer (Gall bladder tumors, Stomach tumors)