Meet Dr. Robert Bucholz
Specialist in Hip and Knee Replacement

When it comes to a complex surgery, doing something well means doing it many times – until you’ve just about seen it all. How about 500 times? That’s the number of hip and knee replacements that Robert Bucholz, M.D., performed in 2011 alone.

Total hip and knee replacements are excellent operations with predictable, superb results. Both have progressed to the point where they’re very predictable, as long as the prosthesis is placed correctly.”

As a 35-year veteran of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, 20 of those years as its chairman, Dr. Bucholz is a local and national leader in hip and knee replacements, or arthroplasties. In fact, he helped set recent national quality standards for many of these same operations he performs daily.

“We use a small incision approach – just large enough to place the prosthesis in the ideal position,” says Dr. Bucholz of his surgical technique. He uses only prostheses that have a proven 15- to 20-year track record, and he follows a detailed set of management protocols for his patients.

As deputy editor of orthopaedic surgery’s major journal, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Dr. Bucholz is constantly reviewing cutting-edge research in the field. He notes that “many of the major manuscripts and much of the original research on hip and knee replacements performed nationally and internationally comes across my desk for peer review.”

Monitoring the results and status of individual patients who have received hip or knee replacements is an important priority for Dr. Bucholz. His personal arthroplasty registry collects detailed data on patients’ outcomes, thereby directing efforts to improve surgical and rehabilitative protocols. The 6-year-old registry monitors patients’ physical and psychological status both before and after their joint replacement.

Additionally, as past president of the United States’ largest orthopaedic nonprofit professional association, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Dr. Bucholz has assisted in a nationwide hip and knee registry project.