Beijing Univ of Aero & Astro , Mechanical Engineering
Graduate School
Penn State University (2004), Mechanical Engineering
Graduate School
Penn State University (2005), Kinesiology

Research Interest

  •  Development of rehabilitation device
  •  Hand biomechanics and motor control
  •  Muscle mechanics
  •  Orthopedic biomechanics
  •  Orthotics and Prosthetics


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Effects of joint alignment and type on mechanical properties of thermoplastic articulated AFO
3. Gao F, Carlton W, Kapp S Prosthet Orthot Int 2011 35 181-189
Effects of repeated ankle stretching on calf muscle-tendon and ankle biomechanical properties in stroke survivors
4. Gao F, Ren Y, Roth EJ, Harvey R, Zhang LQ Clin Biomech 2011 26 516-522
Extra-articular distal tibia fractures: a mechanical evaluation of 4 different treatment methods
Hoenig M, Gao F, Kinder J, Zhang LQ, Collinge C, Merk BR (2010) . J Orthop Trauma January 2010 24 30-35
Changes in passive mechanical properties of the gastrocnemius muscle at the muscle fascicle and joint levels in stroke survivors
Gao F, Grant TH, Roth EJ, Zhang LQ Arch Phys Med Rehabil May 2009 90 819-826
Altered contractile properties of the gastrocnemius muscle poststroke
Gao F, Zhang L-Q J Appl Physiol December 2008 105 1802-1808

Honors & Awards

  • New Investigator Award, University of Texas Southwestern School of Health Professions
  • American Heart Association National Scientist Development Grant
  • NIDRR Mary Switzer Distinguished Research Fellowship
  • Sarah Baskin Award for Excellence in Research (1st position), Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA