Meet Dr. Cecelia Brewington
Diagnostic Radiologist in Dallas

As someone who strives to lead a purposeful and meaningful life, helping others as a physician has been a realization of a life goal for Cecelia Brewington, M.D. She knew early in her medical training that she’d found an excellent way to continue to expand on that goal through radiology.

“Because diagnostic radiology deals with early detection and treatment, it marries my desire to help patients get better with my interest in the ever-changing and improving medical radiologic technology,” says Dr. Brewington, who leads UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Diagnostic Radiology team.

Using an array of advanced imaging technologies, Dr. Brewington and her team evaluate and diagnose conditions ranging from urinary incontinence to broken bones and cancer; screen patients for conditions that include cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer; perform presurgical assessments; and evaluate postsurgical complications.

Dr. Brewington also serves as Co-Medical Director for UT Southwestern’s CT Lung Cancer Screening Program, aimed at identifying precancerous lesions in people who are at high risk for developing lung cancer.

In addition, she is an administrator, overseeing her team’s activities both in the community and at the hospital.

“From quality assurance to program development, my goal is to make sure our program is always geared toward efficiently providing patients with the highest-quality care,” she says.

Dr. Brewington believes that compassion is another critical part of her profession.

“People are most vulnerable when they’re sick or afraid, and as physicians, I think we have a responsibility to be empathetic and responsive,” she says. “That’s when we can really use our skills to help someone else.”