Meet Dr. Daniel Bowers
Pediatric Neuro-Oncologist in Dallas

Pediatric neuro-oncologist Daniel Bowers, M.D., cares for children with brain tumors, along with other members of the pediatric brain tumor multidisciplinary team, including pediatric neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, pediatric neurologists, neuro-radiologists, and neuro-pathologists.

Dr. Bowers designs and implements nonsurgical treatment plans that may include chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and he manages any medical complications that may arise during treatment.

As Medical Director of Pediatric Neuro-Oncology at Children’s Health, Dr. Bowers strongly believes in the care his team provides.

“We offer the most advanced treatment that can be found anywhere in the world for a child with a brain tumor,” he says. “Our outstanding group of doctors is unmatched. You can get it all right here.”

With two children of his own, Dr. Bowers treats patients the way he hopes his kids would be treated if they were going through a similar situation. He seeks to offer hope to families, no matter their situation.

“I’ve learned through experience that just because statistics say that a situation looks bleak, there are exceptions, and there absolutely are reasons to keep trying and seeking out new treatments or trying new things because sometimes they do work, or at least they help, and you can learn from them,” he says.

In addition to his clinical care of children with brain tumors, Dr. Bowers leads the After the Cancer Experience program at Children’s Health, a childhood cancer survivorship program that monitors survivors of childhood cancer for long-term effects they may have from their cancer treatment or the cancer itself.

As more children survive their cancer diagnosis, we know that about two-thirds of them have some long-term complication and about one-third will have what is considered a severe or life-threatening complication.

“When we monitor these children as they grow, we can intervene if something starts to change or go wrong and help them through it,” he says. 

Dr. Bowers is well known nationally for his understanding of the long-term side effects seen among childhood brain tumor survivors.