Meet Dr. Melanie Sulistio
General Cardiologist

“There’s nothing more important than the heart,” says Melanie Sulistio, M.D., a member of the cardiology team at UT Southwestern. “There are so many matters of the heart – like people’s lives, families, and what makes them tick – so to me, caring for patients’ hearts is about much more than just the anatomical, medical heart.”

I can make a huge difference in a patient’s life in a short period of time.”

Dr. Sulistio describes herself as a general cardiologist – one whose duties include interpreting echocardiograms (“echos”) and electrocardiograms (ECGs), taking care of patients in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, and seeing men and women in clinic for issues such as heart murmurs; palpitations; valve abnormalities, coronary and pericardial disease; chest pain; and blood-flow concerns.

“I really enjoy taking that information and putting it all together in the care of my patients; that’s what drives me,” she says. “I love getting to know my patients and their families as much as I love taking care of their hearts.”

In addition to her patient-care role, Dr. Sulistio is very involved in the clinical education of UT Southwestern medical students, Internal Medicine residents and Cardiology fellows, and she has been honored with a number of teaching and leadership awards.

Dr. Sulistio is enthusiastic about the many advances being made in the field and the promise they hold for patients.

“Cardiology is one of medicine’s most rapidly growing disciplines,” she says, “and there are a lot of exciting new medications and procedures on the horizon that will help us provide the best care for our patients.”