Medical School West China University (1995), Medicine
Graduate School Beijing Medical University - China (1998), Public Health
Graduate School University of California-Riverside (2005)

Research Interest

  • Adipose tissue function, dysfunction and regulation.


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A Novel ADIPOQ Mutation (p.M40K) Impairs Assembly of High-Molecular-Weight Adiponectin and Is Associated With Early-Onset Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.
Bueno AC, Sun K, Martins C, Elias Junior J, Miranda W, Tao C, Cristina Foss-Freitas M, Barbieri MA, Bettiol H, de Castro M, Scherer PE, Antonini SR J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 2014 Jan jc20133009
MitoNEET-driven alterations in adipocyte mitochondrial activity reveal a crucial adaptive process that preserves insulin sensitivity in obesity.
Kusminski CM, Holland WL, Sun K, Park J, Spurgin SB, Lin Y, Askew GR, Simcox JA, McClain DA, Li C, Scherer PE Nat. Med. 2012 Oct 18 10 1539-49
The PPAR?-FGF1 axis: an unexpected mediator of adipose tissue homeostasis.
Sun K, Scherer PE Cell Res. 2012 Oct 22 10 1416-8


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Honors & Awards

  • Traveling award for Keystone Symposium - Nuclear Receptors
    Keystone Resort, Colorado (2004)
  • University of California Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Program fellowship
  • Scholarship of University of California, Riverside