Joshua Gatson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department: Surgery, Neurological Surgery


Undergraduate Texas Wesleyan University (2000), Biology
Graduate School University of North Texas Health Science Center (2003), Microbiology
Graduate School University of North Texas Health Science Center (2007), Pharmacology

Research Interests

  • Identification of Biomarkers of Brain Injury
  • Identifying Mechanisms (signaling pathways) of Neuro-protection After Injury and Drug Treatment
  • Use of Interventional Therapies to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury


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Featured Publications

Activation of a Membrane-Associated AR Promotes Cell Death in Primary Cortical Astrocytes

Gatson JW and Singh M Endocrinology Spring 2007 148(5) 2458-2464

Dihydrotestosterone Differentially Modulates the MAPK and the PI-3 Kinase/Akt Pathways Through the Nuclear and Novel Membrane Androgen Receptor in C6 Cells

Gatson JW, Kaur P, Singh M Endocrinology Spring 2006 147(4) 2028-34

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  • Alzheimer’s Association Young Research Award
  • Shock Society Diversity Enhancement Award
  • Faculty Award for Outstanding Graduate
  • Harbans Lal Award for Outstanding Graduate Student
  • Grass Foundation Research Award

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Alzheimer’s Association, 2009-present
  • American Heart Association (ReSS), 2008-present
  • Shock Society, 2008-present
  • Society for Neuroscience, 2003-present