Meet Dr. Geo N. Tabbal
Plastic Surgeon in Frisco, Texas

The process of determining what results plastic surgery patients are looking for has been greatly facilitated by recent advances in computer imaging. Plastic surgeon Geo N. Tabbal, M.D., emphasizes, however, that even the most powerful imaging technologies can’t take the place of a candid conversation between doctor and patient.

Such conversations often involve explaining to patients that the results they seek can only be achieved with traditional surgical procedures rather than less-invasive and aggressively marketed approaches all too commonly seen in today’s marketplace.

For example, the gold standard for achieving facial rejuvenation is a facelift.

“Patients who seek a natural, youthful appearance, are best served by offering these time tested procedures,” Dr. Tabbal says.

Recipe for Success

When considering aesthetic surgery, patients and their physicians must manage their expectations and understand their role in their ultimate outcome.

“Surgery is just a component of an aesthetic transformation,” Dr. Tabbal says. “Patients who take care of themselves will be the most satisfied with their outcomes, and these tend to be the best and most lasting.”

When, for example, a prospective rhinoplasty patient asks Dr. Tabbal for a nose like that of a certain celebrity, he will likely respond that, while the star’s nose looks great on the famous person, “We have to give you the nose your face wants.” 

He adds, “If the preoperative consultation goes smoothly and the patient and I reach an agreement on what we are trying to achieve, it's a recipe for success. That’s the goal for aesthetic surgical consultations, where we are dealing more with subjectivity than with clinical, quantitative values.” 

“Plastic surgery is a problem-solving specialty that requires empathy, training, and logic,” he says. “I feel especially privileged to be a plastic surgeon because I am not restricted by an anatomic region or zone. However, all of the procedures I perform, both aesthetic an reconstructive, share a common goal: to restore my patients’ sense of being whole when they look in the mirror. What we do can change the course of a person’s life and have an impact that is as profound, in its way, as curing disease.”

At home in Texas

Raised in New York City, where he earned his medical degree, Dr. Tabbal completed his plastic surgery residency at UT Southwestern before returning to New York for a one-year fellowship in aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Rather than pursue a private practice in his high-profile hometown, he eagerly chose to return to North Texas.

“I feel very much at home in Dallas and the surrounding area, and I especially enjoy being a part of the UT Southwestern team,” Dr. Tabbal says. “To be in a center that is focused on excellence, while also remaining to be a in a warm and personal environment is very special.”

Dr. Tabbal’s practice will be focused at UT Southwestern’s new Plastic Surgery location in Frisco.

“This setting allows me to build close relationships with my patients in this rapidly growing region while maintaining the support of the university,” he says.