Meet Dr. Rebecca Vigen Cardiologist in Dallas

Cardiologist Rebecca Vigen, M.D., understands that no two heart patients are the same, and she’s committed to finding the most effective treatment for each individual patient. 

Whether a patient is suffering from any heart-related issue – from heart murmurs to angina – her patient-centered, evidence-based approach provides care that is customized to each person’s symptoms, health and family history, and other factors.

“My whole goal and approach to patient care is to tailor it to the specific problem the patient has,” she says. “In cardiology, there are many tools that can help make people feel better and potentially live longer. And we need to make sure the right therapy is delivered to the right patient at the right time.”

A Partnership in Care

At UT Southwestern, cardiology patients benefit from having access to a large group of nationally recognized physicians and specialists in one convenient location. 

“One of the unique things about UT Southwestern is that we have a wide variety of faculty expertise,” Dr. Vigen says. “We have general cardiologists, as well as subspecialists. And within that we have faculty who are world leaders in their specific field. We can really pair patients with the provider who's best suited for their need.”

Dr. Vigen encourages her cardiology patients to take a proactive role in their health care.

“Cardiology is complex, and there’s so much to learn and know,” she says. “It’s helpful when the patient understands the options and the reasoning behind the treatments that are being offered. The more engaged patients are in directing their care, the better the outcomes will be.”

In many cases, she says, a proactive patient can make a significant impact on his or her heart health. For example, certain lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and eating healthy, can greatly improve the potential outcome of a cardiology patient’s condition.

A Search for Constant Improvement

Dr. Vigen is also passionate about finding ways to improve health care delivery – a continual process that will gradually help to bolster cardiology patients’ outcomes and survival rates. 

Dr. Vigen’s interest in quality of care is reflected in her research endeavors, which include studies on how closely patients follow their recommended treatment plans and how care differs from one hospital to another. Some of her studies have involved identifying gaps in cardiology care delivery, with a goal of helping ensure patients fully benefit from all the recent advances in treatments for heart conditions.

“In addition to continuing to innovate, we need to ensure that we’re applying the best therapy to the right patients, and that it’s done in a safe manner,” she says. “I’m very interested in learning about new ways to improve care delivery while also improving medication adherence and safety.”