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Internal Medicine‑Univ. of North Carolina, North

           Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC (1967‑68)


General Surgery:Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical

            School/Affiliated Hospitals, Dallas, TX (1970‑74)

Plastic Surgery : New York University, 1974-1976


Past Chairman, Division of Plastic Surgery, UT Southwestern Medical Center 1977-1991


Consultation telephone number : 214- 821-9355

Consultation office: 4311 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite 380


Medical School University of Texas Southwestern Med Ctr Dallas (1967)


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The Viscoelastic Properties of the SMAS and its Clinical Translation: Firm Support for the High SMAS Rhytidectomy.

Trussler AP, Hatef D, Broussard GB, Brown S, Barton FE Plastic and reconstructive surgery 2011 May 757-64

TUNEL assay to characterize acute histopathological injury following treatment with the active and deep FX fractional short-pulse CO2 devices.

Farkas JP, Richardson JA, Brown SA, Ticker B, Walgama E, Burrus CF, Hoopman JE, Barton FE, Kenkel JM Aesthet Surg J 2010 Jul-Aug 30 4 603-13

The frontal branch of the facial nerve across the zygomatic arch: anatomical relevance of the high-SMAS technique.

Trussler AP, Stephan P, Hatef D, Schaverien M, Meade R, Barton FE Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2010 Apr 125 4 1221-9

Aesthetic surgery of the face and neck.

Barton FE Aesthet Surg J 2009 Nov-Dec 29 6 449-63; quiz 464-6

Transfer of calibrations for barley quality from dispersive instrument to Fourier transform near-infrared instrument.

Sohn M, Himmelsbach DS, Barton FE, de Haseth JA Appl Spectrosc 2009 Oct 63 10 1190-6

The role of toxins and fillers in perioral rejuvenation.

Barton FE, Carruthers J, Coleman S, Graivier M Aesthet Surg J 2007 Nov-Dec 27 6 632-40

Fat extrusion and septal reset in patients with the tear trough triad: a critical appraisal.

Barton FE, Ha R, Awada M Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2004 Jun 113 7 2115-21; discussion 2122-3

The high-superficial musculoaponeurotic system technique in facial rejuvenation: an update.

Barton FE, Hunt J Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2003 Dec 112 7 1910-7

Safety and efficacy in an accredited outpatient plastic surgery facility: a review of 5316 consecutive cases.

Byrd HS, Barton FE, Orenstein HH, Rohrich RJ, Burns AJ, Hobar PC, Haydon MS Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2003 Aug 112 2 636-41; discussion 642-6

The "high SMAS" face lift technique.

Barton FE Aesthet Surg J 2002 Sep 22 5 481-6


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Honors & Awards

  • Career Achievement Award
    American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2013)